Trail Communities In Saskatchewan!

Trail and Hiking Groups in Saskatchewan

Hiking, cycling, snowmobiling, running, horseback riding, whatever your method of traversing the trail, there’s others like you! Going on the trails solo can be an amazing experience but tackling a trail with others who share the same passion of exploring nature can be even better. Tackling a new trail can be a tough feat, especially for a new hiker. The Saskatchewan Trails Association strives to promote the trails and get more people out onto the trails to enjoy the beauty of nature. That’s why we put together a list of diverse trail and nature groups/clubs so you can find others who share your passion! So, pick a community you think you would enjoy, join the group, and see what adventures await! Most groups have a public and private group settings on social media, but I have found that if you request to join the group, they are all very friendly and welcoming!


SaskHiker- was created by Jay Brown, a Saskatchewan outdoors enthusiast as a place to spread information on everything hiking and has a great community of helpful people. SaskHiker has everything from a great community, to a great blog, and can even help you with gear reviews. You can visit SaskHiker on Facebook or visit their website at


Saskatoon Hiking and Skiing Meetup- is just like it sounds, a Meetup Page for people to meet new people to hike with in the summer or ski within the winter. Their page can be found on at:


#Walk1000Miles- is a private Facebook group with over 31,000 members! It is the official group for people changing their lives one step at a time through Country Walking magazine’s #walk1000miles challenge, and the most supportive group on the internet! Join to interact with others doing the same, share experiences, ideas and encouragement. You can find them on Facebook at #Walk1000Miles or at this link:


Regina Outdoor Club- is another private Facebook group with less of a focus on trails, but more focused on just being outside in nature! The Regina Outdoor Club keeps their members up to date with tons of different outdoor activities and has plenty of members to interact with, ask questions, and learn new activities from! You can join them here:

Outdoor Adventure Club (Sask)- Heading out on a day trip with room for a few extra friends? Itching to get out and do something, but need a few more people to make it happen? Have an activity/destination you always wanted to try out, but no idea where to start? Or just have a question to help you get out adventuring? This group is intended to meet new people with shared interests and build an experience-sharing community! Invite your friends! Find their Facebook Group at:


Nature Saskatchewan- is a group all about, you guessed it, nature! From bird watching to trails, to tours and nature sanctuaries, Nature Saskatchewan has everything to keep you busy outside in nature! Nature Saskatchewan is a great group of individuals who love being outside and enjoying everything Saskatchewan and its wildlife have to offer. Nature Saskatchewan can be found on Facebook or their website at:


Boreal Outdoor Recreation Association (BORA) promotes human-powered, outdoor adventure in and around La Ronge, Saskatchewan. The Boreal Outdoor Recreation Association is working to bring people together to hike/bike/snowshoe/trail run/ski/be outside, and to create and improve trails in the La Ronge area for these activities. Bora has a huge amazing community of people who simply love to hike, bike, snowshoes and more around the trails. Bora even holds a trail Tuesday where they invite the community together to share in their adventuring! You can find BORA on Facebook at:


Meewasin- The Meewasin Valley Authority, Based out of Saskatoon, exists to ensure a healthy and vibrant river valley, with a balance between human use and conservation by providing leadership in the management of its resources; Promoting understanding, conservation and beneficial use of the Valley; and undertaking programs and projects in river valley development and conservation, for the benefit of present and future generations. Not only this but Meewasin has a fabulous community of trail users and also promotes various trail events and hikes!


Saskatoon Nordic Ski Club- If you are more into skiing than hiking and located around Saskatoon, the Saskatoon Nordic Ski Club is for you! The Saskatoon Nordic Ski Club is a community of enthusiastic, engaged and supportive people who are advocates for cross country skiing in Saskatoon. You can find them at:


Women’s 306 Outdoor Tribe- is a Facebook page dedicated to helping people connect in the great outdoors. With events like hiking, yoga and beach activities happening one or twice a month, the 306 Outdoor Tribe is a great way to dip your toes into the water and meet some phenomenal new friends! Find them here at:


The Lady Alliance Community- This is a place to communicate with other ladies within your community! Plan activities, car pool to The Lady Alliance events, join meet ups, ask travel advice, share personal adventures, and more! The Lady Alliance focuses on empowering women in the community while getting out into nature! Find their group at:


SaskOutdoors- wants everyone to experience a deep connection with nature, play and learn outdoors, and discover how to live in harmony with their natural surroundings. Love the outdoors and want to meet a great community of people in Saskatchewan, join the group at:


Women Who Explore Saskatchewan- has a goal to encourage women to believe in THEMSELVES and EACH OTHER, to bring like minded women together who love to explore and adventure, and to create a community of support and a place to share stories and experiences. Women Who Explore Saskatchewan is a Facebook page but there is also Women Who Explore Saskatoon, as well as Women Who Explore Northern Sask! Find out more at:


AdventureHers- is an all-female, outdoor activity club based in Regina. It encourages women, of ALL ages and abilities, to participate in all outdoor and adventure activities. Some of its other outdoor adventure activities such as cross-country skiing, wilderness survival camps, snow shoeing, hiking or canoeing activities and out of province cycling destinations will be organized dependant on interest. So, if you have any adventures that you may want some company, let them know and they can try to gather some like minded individuals! Join their Facebook group here:


Canoe and Kayak Saskatchewan– is the governing body for the sports of canoe/kayak racing in the disciplines of Sprint, Marathon and Whitewater as well as recreational padding including the Paddle Canada program. Canoe and Kayak Saskatchewan is a Facebook group with a friendly member base, tons of information, and everything you need to know about upcoming events! Find them on their website at or Facebook at:


Saskatchewan Cycling Associationis a volunteer non-profit association that promotes bicycling for sport, recreation, and transportation. Funded through Saskatchewan Lotteries, the SCA provides opportunities for individuals to experience all forms of cycling through its member clubs. The Saskatchewan Cycling Association has a great community to find others who love to cycle and stay up to date with cycling news in Saskatchewan. Like their page and find out more here:


Saskatchewan Horse Federation- Saskatchewan Horse Federation has both a Facebook page and a website dedicated to the amazing equestrian loving community. Dedicated horse loving members, tons of information, and all horse related events is a great reason to join this group and stay updated through their social media! Learn more at:


Saskatchewan All Terrain Vehicle Association- The Saskatchewan All Terrain Vehicle Association’s (SATVA) primary mission is to promote safe and responsible use of the ATV’s in Sask. and to promote ATV trails. SATVA has both a public Facebook page to promote safety, and a private group to connect individuals who love ATV’s, talk about trails, share events, and discuss all things ATV’s! Find their Facebook page at: or visit their website at


Off Road Syndicate- is a community of spirited individuals that crave the outdoors, horsepower, welding smoke, time spent in the shop, campfires, beer, and whiskey. Its website offers the gear you’ll want in the woods, and our events bring people together for good times. Our recipe is a mix of dirt, rock, engines, speed (or lack of), trail building, and the great outdoors. If this community sounds like fun to you, you can find them at:


Jeep Saskatchewan- Jeep Saskatchewan is a fairly new but extremely quickly growing group of individuals who love their Jeeps, Love their community, love hosting amazing events but even more so, they love hitting the trails, pits, waters, and mud. With one of the friendliest and most helpful communities around, I had to add this community to the list for those trail enthusiasts who own a Jeep. Find them at:!


Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association (SaskSnow) –is full of great people and great information. From trails to parts to events, you can find it all here on their website or find them on Facebook at:


FatLanders FatTire Brigade- FatLanders FatTire Brigade is a group dedicated to the riding of FatBikes in Saskatoon SK Canada. We are Saskatchewan’s first recognized FatBike specific cycling club and, at least that we know of, the only one in Canada. Come join us and discover the pure joy and pleasures of riding on snow and sand in and around Saskatoon. Join the group and learn more here:


We have tons of great communities throughout Saskatchewan to meet new people and share in you travels. Most if not all of these groups are run by passionate people who love the outdoors and support the creation and maintenance of Saskatchewan trails. By now you should have found at least one group you can relate to. This list of different communities should contain groups for every type of trail user. I am sure I have missed some great communities so feel free to email me at Have a great summer and Trail On!



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