Saskatchewan Trails Raffle Winners

Saskatchewan Trails Raffle Winners

Saskatchewan Trails Association raffle in support of the Churchill River Water Trail Legacy Program was held on Saturday, March 28. This program is supporting the development and stewardship of canoe and hiking routes along the Churchill River in northern Saskatchewan.

The winners were:

Saskatoon Canoeing Club Membership: Adam Buettner


Classic Outdoors Paddle: Anne Marie Hawkins


Hand Carved Greeland Kayak Paddle: Mark Lavoie


Back40 Wilderness Package: John Dosman


Outter Limits Camping Package: Guy Perrin


Eb’s Source for Adventure Package: Sheila Ragush


Churchill River Outfitters Package: Philip Hitchings

Thank you to all the sponsors that provided the prizes, the volunteers who helped organize the raffle, and people who purchased tickets. 

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