Families on The Trail

Families on The Trail

Trails are fun individually, in a small group or even in a large trail group. Trails can offer a spectacular experience for families with members of all ages! You don’t need to go on a multi-day hike or climb mountains to start using the trails. The only requirements are a positive attitude and love for nature!

Regardless of age, old or young, trails can be used by anyone at no cost. Trails throughout Saskatchewan vary in length and difficulty to meet everyone’s needs. Some trails are even wheelchair accessible.

For those who may need mobility assistance, hiking poles and canes can be a great way to maintain balance over potentially rough terrain. Can’t justify leaving your pets at home for a long walk? Some trails are even pet friendly! No matter what your physical ability, a stroll on the trails is for you and offers many positive health benefits for everybody!

From first hike to expert, there are trail difficult ratings, maps, lengths, pictures and all the info you could need to plan your next family outing. Trails are especially fun for children of all ages to learn to adventure, explore, and be creative in the outdoors.

Taking your family with you on a hike or walk is a phenomenal bonding experience for everybody involved and can be made into a monthly routine or tradition for the family to share together!

Trails are not just for hiking either. Many of the trails throughout Saskatchewan can be hiked as well as cycled and also have open areas that offer a great opportunity for a picnic, fishing, games, camping, kayaking, or even special scavenger hunt for kids!

Make sure to check on our blog for more information on the trails, activities, and tips. Curious which trail is for you and your family? Checkout our Sask Trails Directory here: https://sasktrails.ca/trail-directory/ to learn more about each individual trail or our blog on how to find the trails here: https://sasktrails.ca/how-to-find-trails-in-saskatchewan/!

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