Common Q&As

Common Q&As

As the provincial trail association in the province, we receive plenty of questions from the community. So we decided to take all of the most commonly-asked questions and make them into a blog! Hopefully these common questions can help others to find what they are looking for and save more time to spend on the amazing Saskatchewan trails!

 Where to Find Trails?

The first and most commonly-asked question we receive is where to find trails? This can be a tricky answer as there is no one place that lists all of the trails in Saskatchewan. However, we are trying our best! Our STA Trail Directory contains listings and descriptions of most of the main trails throughout Saskatchewan.

Fortunately, there are also lots of apps like AllTrails and TrailForks that have large databases of most of the trails around the world, including Saskatchewan. The blog consisting of all of the different ways to find trails can be found here:!

 Update Directories?

Similarly, to the where to find trails question, we are also often asked when we are updating our trail directories or why some apps or sites don’t have all of the trails. As a non-profit, we rely on the community and trail operators to assist us.

We cannot go to every trail and see the changes or new trails. However, if you are out exploring wonderful Saskatchewan and stumble upon a new trail or information you want to share, we encourage you to send us an email, comment, message or carrier pigeon to let us know so we can update the STA Trail Directory for our community. Not only do we love updates on the trails, but we also enjoy hearing stories, seeing pictures, or learning tips and tricks that we can share.

 Join Communities?

A lot of people ask about different trail, hiking, cycling, or alternative activity groups. Not only are trail groups a way to meet new people who share similar interests, but they also offer an opportunity to learn about new fun events and be empowered by like-minded individuals.

There are groups for literally every kind of trail activity that are full of great people with tons of information to share. If you are considering looking for new friends or activity partners, take a look at our blog that highlights a few of the many amazing Facebook communities and groups that you can join here:!


People are often looking to do some community work or give back to the trail community for various reasons. Where, when, and how are common questions when looking to volunteer or looking for volunteers. Most trails throughout Saskatchewan have their own websites and Facebook pages that often hold clean up or maintenance events.

Alternatively, if you are looking for volunteers or to hold a similar event, you can contact us directly on any social media for assistance in promoting your event. As all trails are free to use, most have small to no budget and can always benefit from having more volunteers to look after these wonderful treasures! Want more information on particular trails? Send us a message and we would love to keep you updated!

 What Trails Can I *Insert Activity* On?

Another very common question we receive is which trails are cyclist friendly, or which trails are ATV friendly or even which trails are best for horseback riding? As previously stated, many trails have a website, Facebook page, can be found in the STA Trail Directory or even the phone apps like AllTrails or TrailForks.

These websites, apps, and pages can tell you what is allowed on the trails and what should be avoided. The same thing goes for dog friendly trails since many trails restrict animals while others encourage you to bring your pets. It’s smart to check online before hand to get all the information you need! The STA wants to continue to update the community on the best trails to do all activities are so stay tuned to see more blogs and social media posts on various trails and the best activities to do on them!

Contact Us

Of course, we couldn’t answer every question with this blog so feel free to send us a message any time with your questions, comments, stories, or pictures and we will do our best to get back to you in a timely manor. Thank you to this splendid community we have and Trail On!

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