Buffalo Pound Trail Enhancements

The Saskatchewan Trails Association is proud to be partnering with the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport as well as TransCanada Trails (TCT) to enhance the trail system at Buffalo Pound Provincial Park.

The Parks department is building a chalet that will function as an interpretive, recreation and visitor information centre. Construction on this exciting new addition should be complete sometime this year.

The trail network was also in need of some TLC. Naturally, the trail needs to be tied to the new building as it will be a central feature of the recreation hub. This project will also create an access pathway from the lower Chalet campsites to the new Chalet building, allowing people from all over the campground to enjoy the facility.

This will also tie the TCT network to the chalet as it crosses Buffalo Pound Provincial Park. The new trail will allow visitors to travel the full length of the park by either hiking, running, and mountain biking in warmer seasons or by fat-bike, snowshoes, and cross-country skiing in the winter.

The trail will connect to major attractions of the park such as the bison compound, Nicolle homestead, the north section of park, Nicolle Marsh, the public pool, main beach, and the beautiful landscape throughout the area.

Better signage and mapping are also going to be added to these trail systems, along with special destination points like rustic all-weather shelters, vistas, benches, and backcountry campsites. The goal of these projects is not only to enhance the park itself, but to enhance opportunities for venders’ business such as the convenience store and mini-golf and draw more tourists to the park in general.

If you are in the Moose Jaw area, be sure to check out Buffalo Pound Provincial Park and see these new developments for yourself!

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