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Introducing the Canadian Trails Federation

Through our membership in the Canadian Trails Federation, the Saskatchewan Trails Association represents the interests of Saskatchewan on the national level. The Canadian Trails Federation-Fédération Canadienne des Sentiers (CTF-CFS) is a national not-for-profit organization that represents the interests of provincial and territorial trails organizations across Canada. Their mission is to enhance the recreational trails network […]

Potential Funding Sources

A key aspect of the STA’s mission is to assist local trail groups in developing, maintaining, and marketing their trails. Since funding is essential in any project, various potential funding sources, including grants, are summarized below for those needing additional resources.   Saskatchewan Trails Association Funding Programs MEMBERS GRANT PROGRAM – Funding grants of up […]

The Benefits of Membership

Becoming a member of the STA is not only a rewarding experience by helping to maintain Saskatchewan’s trails, but it also gives you benefits not offered to non-members, including funding opportunities, trail promotion and advocacy,  voting privileges, and several other resources such as trail maps, land negotiation agreements, etc. Here’s a look at the benefits: […]

Churchill River Water Legacy Project

Although the COVID outbreak has delayed last year’s intended installation date. The STA is happy to announce that the first Urine Diverting Vermicomposting Toilet (UDVT) purchased with the funds raised through donations, raffle tickets, and the Give a Sh*! event has finally been successfully installed by volunteers on Barker Island along a popular canoe route […]

Trail Etiquette 2021

With the weather finally warming up, Saskatchewan residents are spending more time outside this summer to get a breath of fresh air away from the city. But with so many people on the trails, it’s important that they remain in good shape. We are reminded that trail etiquette involves safe and courteous interaction with other […]

Preparing for Tick Season

With the arrival of summer and warm temperatures, an increasing number of people are venturing outside to enjoy the trails. Unfortunately, the nice weather also means that tick season is upon us. The creepy crawlers are typically active in Saskatchewan between April and July with the peak happening in May and June. Ticks are eight-legged […]

Saskatchewan Trails Day

Celebrate Saskatchewan Trails Day on June 6 while practicing physical distancing   As people look for new ways to spend their time during the pandemic, many are turning to trails as a healthy and fun way to get some exercise and a little adventure. The Saskatchewan Trails Association (STA) invites all residents to get out and […]

Saskatchewan Trails Raffle Winners

Saskatchewan Trails Raffle Winners Saskatchewan Trails Association raffle in support of the Churchill River Water Trail Legacy Program was held on Saturday, March 28. This program is supporting the development and stewardship of canoe and hiking routes along the Churchill River in northern Saskatchewan. The winners were: Saskatoon Canoeing Club Membership: Adam Buettner   Classic […]

Explore Saskatchewan’s Hidden Beauty 

Explore Saskatchewan’s Hidden Beauty  With some parks closing their parking lots to prevent people from entering, there are many beautiful and isolated trails that you, and your furry pals, can take advantage of where you will likely not run into any other visitors for miles!   If by chance you do run into other trail lovers […]