Update on the Barker Island Toilet Project

The Barker Island Toilet Project is still progressing well! Last month, a team of four volunteers including Adrien Blais, Brodie Thompson, Chris Wall, and Ross Phillips (with technical support from Ron Medwid), completed the pre-fabrication of the walls and deck elements of three remote restrooms.
The construction plans piloted off the existing Barker Island toilets and were given a dry run to great effect. The elements will be stored for the winter until the ground thaws for the final construction and installation.
Ross Phillips, a volunteer and Principal Water Resources Engineer said, “It was a fun and productive day.”
Now that pre-fabrication is complete Phillips said they will be turning their attention towards preparation for installation next spring. He added, “It will be fun to day-dream plans during the winter, I have several ideas for interior finishings to refine the experience.”
If you are interested in donating to the Churchill River Water Trail Legacy Project, visit: https://sasktrails.ca/getinvolved/#donate.