Volunteer for Trail Work Weekend at Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park

The STA is pleased to partner with Prairie Sky Running Company and the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport for the Trail Work Weekend on June 2-3 at Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park in Stewart Valley. This volunteer opportunity will help the race directors of the Beaver Flat 50 to prepare and mark the trails for the Sept. 15 event.

This is a great chance to learn about how to properly maintain a trail and prepare it for special events. Some of the activities you could be taking part include clearing cattails, trimming branches, moving stones off the trail or marking trails.

There will be opportunities to network with trail experts, including ministry staff members. By volunteering for this event, you will be making a difference and learning some valuable skills that can translate to the maintenance of other trails.

To register as a volunteer, visit https://raceroster.com/events/2018/18002/beaver-flat-50-trail-work-weekend. Please note that you can show up to the event even if you haven’t registered. Here’s some important event info:


The Equestrian Campground on the south side of the river. Turn west off the highway into the Goodwin House parking lot. Drive through the parking lot and down the gravel road about 1km until you see the Equestrian Campground. We will be set up at the Stock Trailer Parking. If you’re camping, any one of the campsites is free for the taking. The park has graciously providing us with free camping for the weekend. We will start working at approximately 9 a.m. each morning.


Whipper-snipping will be high priority job. There will also be a bit of lawn mower use. You could be clearing cattails, trimming branches, moving stones off the trail or marking trails. Our partners at the park are planning on putting up some permanent markers along the course. We anticipate that the majority of the maintenance work will happen on June 2 and the trail marking will occur on June 3. We will split people up into work groups and assign jobs that morning.


We will supply food and water. It’s not going be anything fancy. If you have some specific food needs or allergies, please bring what you need for food. Bring a pack with you to pack your lunch in. We could be on the course over lunch in some instances. Also bring a water bottle to pack water in.


It could be very hot so prepare accordingly. We’ll have some sunscreen and water, but make sure you wear appropriate attire and a hat. Even when you don’t think it’s that hot, the coulees always seem to be 10,000 degrees warmer than near the water. Carry water and drink continuously and slowly over the course of the day, even if you do not feel thirsty. Use a hydration system if desired.

Gatorade or other hydration drinks are good, but they shouldn’t be the only thing you use. Even after work, slowly keep drinking water to re-hydrate; if you don’t, the next day you might feel like you have a hang-over. Other symptoms might include pasty mouth, dry skin, head-ache, dizziness, red hot dry skin, rapid strong pulse, nausea and confusion. In addition, eat small meals and eat more often. Avoid high protein foods, which increase metabolic heat.


We will have gloves, goggles, and ear protection. Close toed shoes or hikers are required. Flip flops or open-toed anything will be your demise.


There’s likely going to be a zillion ticks. Check yourself. Use Google to learn the best way to manage the tick situation. Be strong. They’re like weird spider mosquitos…nothing to it really.


We want to keep your pets safe and with all of spinning-bladed implements in operation it may be difficult to manage your pets. Let’s leave them behind for this one. Also, due to the nature of the terrain and possible conditions this will not be an appropriate activity for young children.

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