Trailhead Canada 2017 summit fast approaching


Join trail enthusiasts from across the country in Gatineau and Ottawa from Nov. 21-23, for the Trail Head Canada summit, a national celebration of trails, with outdoor events, activity tutorials and educational trail sessions.

Trailhead Canada will bring Canadians who develop, manage and benefit from recreational trails, together. It explores exciting national directions to engage Canadians in the building, using and promoting trails.

At Trailhead Canada, trail experts and leaders will:

  • Develop a National Trails Strategy, for use in framing provincial and national goals;
  •  Share Canada’s trail success stories from the local, regional, provincial and national levels;
  • Explore national best practices in trail building that enable clubs, volunteers, and professionals to build the world’s best trails;
  • Discuss trail trends, new activities, changing demographics, trail health, and the growth in trail tourism;
  • Present a Canadian Youth Expo, to engage youth in becoming the trail leaders of the future;
  • Honour trail traditions and knowledge to develop strong working relationships between all Canadian peoples;
  • Expand Canada’s trail economy, through tourism, investment, and promotion, and
  • Present outdoor interactive education provides public awareness of the activities that Canadians and visitors can do on Canadian trails.

Trailhead Canada consists of three parts: the conference, community events, and trail-sector education. Generously supported by Parks Canada and other national educators in outdoor recreation.

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Proudly supported by Parks Canada.

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