The lost trail near Fairy Hill

A guest blog post from trail enthusiast Russ Hodgins.

Last summer, I ran from our place along the back trails and ended up at the Fairy Hill Natural Area. I had heard on the radio that there is a trail there but I never did find it. My guess is that I would have had to take the dirt road at the bottom of the valley east to access it, but as I still had a long run to get back home on a hot day, I  stopped short of going that far.

This is on the south east side at the top of the valley.


I followed this old road for a bit and then cut into the pasture:


I tried following the fence line but no trails anywhere near there:


I ended up circling back towards highway #6 and found what I assume
was the old highway:


This took me almost to the bottom and then I gave up and ran back  home. As I said, it was hot and I was short on water. I ran back up the highway and there was a Fairy Hill sign on the west side as well  but no trail there.


Do you know where the trail is? Email us at

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  1. Cliff Speer
    Cliff Speer says:

    Would be nice if the author or somebody from STA could put the subject of the article in a geograghic context. Don’t assume that every reader knows where Fairy Hill is located!

    • Sask Trails
      Sask Trails says:

      Thanks for the comment Cliff. To clarify, the area we’re talking about is in the RM of Lumsden and the RM of Longlaketon. It is 14 kilometres south of Southey and 36 kilometres north of Regina. – Jonathan

  2. Marcus
    Marcus says:

    When you are driving north on number six right before you enter the valley (maybe 200 ft before the qu’apelle valley sign) there is signage and a turn in to the right. It starts as grid but going straight it turns to pavement for about 100 ft you can park there. There is a barbed wire fence with some ribbons you can either climb through or lift the left edge. You can see the sign and the trail starts there.

    Currently you can see huge gravel piles further to the east.


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