STA Trail Ambassador: Beaver Lake Trail in Moose Mountain Provincial Park

Beaver Lake Trail in Saskatchewan’s Moose Mountain Provincial Park
July 11, 2017 | Paul Cutting

Our first adventure while staying in Saskatchewan’s Moose Mountain Provincial Park was hiking the Beaver Lake Trail.  The reason we chose to feature this trail is that the Beaver Lake Trail is very pedestrian.  It is a wide and well maintained trail that you simply can’t get lost on, which is perfect for introducing the fun of hiking to our nearly three year old daughter and our thirteen week old puppy Echo.
The Tourism Saskatchewan trail map for Moose Mountain Provincial Park lists the Beaver Lake Trail at 4.5km, however my Garmin recorded the hike from the starting gates at 4km.  The terrain is made up of rolling hills accompanied by some great scenery.  Evidence of beaver is everywhere, deer prints can be spotted wherever the ground is wet and the large variety of birds is quite something.  The Beaver Lake Trail includes interpretive signs along the way that turn the hike into an exciting learning opportunity.
For this short introductory hike we decided to bring along our Chariot as we knew our daughter would not complete the 4km on her own.  We also thought it would be a great place to carry Echo should she decide that the hike was too much for her as she is just learning to walk on a lead.


The Beaver Lake Trail is wide and well groomed.


Family portrait attempt at a clearing overlooking Beaver Lake.


 Interpretive signs were in good shape and unobstructed.


Some of the nice flowers along the trail.


We enjoyed joking that this was a giant beaver damn.


Well groomed and maintained trail.  Echo is doing great.


V takes a turn walking Echo along the shore of Beaver Lake.


Time for a break.  This bench is placed roughly at the half way point of the hike.  There was a garbage can
here as well for any ‘waste’ you or your hiking companions may generate.  Pick some trash up along the way if
you see any.


More of the beautiful flowers you can find along the Beaver Lake Trail.

A small creek runs from a beaver damn across the trail into Beaver Lake.


Cam watches V and Echo hike the trail with ease.  Beaver Lake is on the left.


More of the signage along the trail.


Echo loved trying to eat these flowers and there were many along the trail.


Everyone is still going strong at just over 3km into the trail.


More flowers that decorate the trail.  V enjoyed picking these and tickling us with them.


Birch trees are easily spotted in the forest and are a great tree to teach your kids about.
V enjoyed feeling the fungi, lichen and bark on the trees.


The weather was hot so V took the opportunity to sit out the final portion of the hike.
Echo loved lounging in the patches of clover.



Here is the elevation profile of the Beaver Lake Trail in Moose Mountain Provincial Park.

We recorded 21m of elevation gain and 16 m of elevation loss.


A satellite image of where the Beaver Lake Trail runs.

In total we hiked this trail three times over the weekend.  Each time we did it we saw something new and the bugs were never an issue.
Paul decided to ride the trail on his mountain bike doing multiple laps in both directions which made for a great endurance training ride for him.  A ride he would classify as easy and very fast.  If you are on your bike always be on the lookout for pedestrians and use proper trail etiquette when cycling as it’s a shared use trail.
We would highly recommend the Beaver Lake Trail in Saskatchewan’s Moose Mountain Provincial Park.  Particularly if you are introducing children to hiking.  Have you enjoyed this trail?  If so share your photos with us on Instagram or twitter.



This blog post was written by STA Trail Ambassador Paul Cutting. Thank you so much for sharing your adventures with us, Paul! If you would like to see Paul’s past adventures visit his website, or check out his Instagram or Twitter!

Twitter: @cuttingadventur

Instagram: @cuttingintoadventure


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