SaskHiker: 5 Reasons Why Saskatchewan Winter’s Don’t Suck


Jay Brown, the SaskHiker, is an avid outdoorsmen and hiker from Saskatchewan who is continually looking for the next adventure. He runs the website, which he encourages people to use as a guide to their own adventures.

Well folks, we got hammered with an early taste of winter. With a 100 year snowfall record being broken in the past 24 hours, we are all participating in the same old conversation whenever winter decides to blast us with a taste of cold, “Why do we live here?”

I know we all love sitting on a beach basking in the warmth of the sun, but in my opinion you wouldn’t appreciate it as much if you didn’t have to spend 6 months enduring winter. To me the best part of living in Saskatchewan is the fact that we get the full experience of all the 4 seasons. We are living in a postcard world it is just that some days it is tough to see it!

So while you are grumbling at work and trying to find your winter jackets and gloves, I thought I would remind you of 5 reasons why Saskatchewan winter’s don’t suck.

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