Joe Milligan receives inaugural STA Trail Stewardship Award

STA President Saul Lipton (right) presents Joe Milligan with the STA Trail Stewardship Award.

STA President Saul Lipton (right) presents Joe Milligan with the STA Trail Stewardship Award.

During the 2017 STA AGM, we were proud to recognize Joe Milligan as the recipient of the inaugural STA Trail Stewardship Award, which recognizes the outstanding people and organizations that have been dedicated to the restoration, preservation and enhancement of Saskatchewan’s trail system through a variety of efforts: contributing money to or raising funds for trail projects, serving as a trail advocate, or helping with the building and upkeep of trails.

Joe, a recreation/interpretive specialist with the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport, was nominated by the Saskatchewan All Terrain Vehicle Association Inc., which had this to say about Joe’s contributions:

Starting in his early days with the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association, Joe has dedicated his working life to trail development in the province. He has been a key contributor to the development of trails for all users in the province.

Joe was a driving force behind the development of the Moose Mountain ATV Trail. The trail is located in the back country of Moose Mountain and makes use of some of the snowmobile trails. The Government of Saskatchewan contributed $125,000 to the project, which was matched by the National Trails Coalition (NTC). Joe assisted in our NTC application and helped coordinate the matching contributions. Joe also helped select a project manager and the construction crew, while troubleshooting issues as they arose. He also oversaw community engagement on allowing ATV use in the park and how this might assist future ATV development on other Crown lands.

The new ATV Trail is very important to Moose Mountain as it will increase the park’s exposure. It will also be a great experience for the ATVers, as they will have the opportunity to pass through beautiful stands of aspen, birch, green ash and Manitoba Maple trees that characterize this unique southern Saskatchewan forest.

It should be noted that while Joe was working on the Moose Mountain project, he also assisted on trail development at Wascana Trails and Buffalo Pound Provincial. Recently, he assisted with the development of a new trail at Elbow.

Congratulations to Joe Milligan from everyone at the STA!

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