Info needed on shovel ready projects for federal funding request


National Trails Coalition (NTC) board members recently met with various Members of Parliament and civil servants about funding for trail projects. One question the board received was, “What shovel ready projects exist at this time?” This is a good indicator of interest and the NTC would like to be able to provide this information as soon as possible.

The NTC is looking for the following information from trail builders and administrators on upcoming projects:

1. Description of projects – number of kilometres, what is being done (new, refurbished), infrastructure installed/refurbished, which trail groups can use it? Etc.
2. Estimated cost
3. Do you have a permit (for new work or existing work) – municipal, landowner, provincial?
4. Do you have confirmation of matching dollars?
5. Is the work started / when would it start?
6. Estimated completion

Please contact if you have information to share.

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