Give Us Your Best Shot Winners

We enjoyed looking through all of the wonderful entries we received. It was difficult, but we did determine our winners. We would like to congratulate Jocelyn Froehlich, our first place winner, and our honorary mentions Cam Bergerman and Dustin Cometa. Thank you all for your entries, and stay tuned for more contests from the STA.


Joce Sagel - Instagram

Photo by Jocelyn Froehlich was taken at Buffalo Pound Provincial Park where she was teaching her four year old nephew, Nash, to ride the trails.

Cam Bergerman - Facebook

Photo by Cam Bergerman was taken in Prince Albert National Park where Cam and his wife have been going for years. This photo was taken on Shady Lake Trail, near the Height of Land lookout tower.

“It is a relatively short trail that is slightly strenuous in places, but the view overlooking the lake is well worth it. You can detour off of the main loop and head over to the tower, which also offers an amazing view that overlooks the whole area.”


Dustin Cometa- Facebook4  Joce Sagel - Instagram Joce Sagel - Instagram

Photo by Dustin Cometa was taken on Elk Trail, located in the Southern-most region of Prince Albert National Park. This was his first time on this trail, but was accompanied by many hikers.

” It was a beautiful beginning, but on the last 5km leg rain and hail poured for about 30 minutes. Needless to say, many picturesque opportunities were abundant. That includes this picture. What I wanted to do was capture the tallness of the trees and how they envelope its travellers!”

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