Get Out and Experience Wintertime Trails

Get Out and Explore Wintertime Trails

Yes, we all know Saskatchewan’s winters can be chilling and we’d rather stay indoors, but that’s no reason to pack up and hibernate until the next year. Hiking season on the trails is not over as soon as the snow falls. Give winter hiking a try and push yourself beyond the boundaries of the warm couch. Activities on the trail can actually be more fun than their summer counterparts. Here are a few reasons to get outdoors this winter and soak in nature all year round!

This time of year opens up the opportunity for more exciting activities. Ever try to go cross country skiing in the summertime? It’s not a good time. Snow may be the end of many of our favorite summertime activities like cycling, but it also opens up great activities like snowshoeing, tobogganing and cross-country skiing. Not only are there new great winter activities to do on the trails, but the blissfulness of a fresh snowfall on an empty trail is a beautiful moment everyone should experience!

Secondly, we are from Saskatchewan. We should embrace the cold and see it as an opportunity for more adventures on our great lands. The cold hasn’t stopped us before and shouldn’t stop us now. Exploring the trails in the snow doesn’t have to be cold, wearing the proper gear, and layering up can keep you warm and snug. Worried about traction or depth of the snow? That’s what snowshoes and hiking poles are for. Before you knock the idea of a trek through the glorious snow globe of Saskatchewan trails, give it a shot!

Another great reason to get outside and get active on the trails this winter is for all the positive benefits both physically and mentally. Hiking in the snow can be more work, but that also means more muscle building and greater stability. Hiking in the winter actually burns more calories than hiking in the summertime. Aside from the burning of extra calories and building of muscles, the quiet and blissfulness of trails in the winter is a great way to release stress, anxiety, and enjoy nature. Being on the trails in the winter months is just more peaceful, especially with no mosquitoes to worry about!

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