Deadline for STA Member Grants fast approaching

The STA would like to remind members that the deadline for applications to STA’s Members Grant Program is Dec. 31, 2016. Funding grants of $200 to $500 for maintenance such as updating maps, GPS trails, fixing signs, purchasing maintenance tools, etc., are available through an application process.

To learn more, visit our funding page.

Also, the deadline to nominate someone for the STA Volunteer Award and/or STA Stewardship Award is Feb. 15, 2017. The STA Volunteer Award is designed to recognize the outstanding volunteers who dedicate their time and effort to developing, maintaining and promoting trails and trail development in Saskatchewan. The STA Stewardship Award is designed to recognize the outstanding people and organizations that have been dedicated to the restoration, preservation and enhancement of Saskatchewan’s trail system.

To learn more, visit our awards page.

The STA would also like to remind members to notify us of any updates to your trails, as we will pass along the information to Tourism Saskatchewan to ensure the trail directory remains up to date. If you have any changes, email

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