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Lending our voice to important trail issues

In April, the STA wrote two letters of support relating to issues concerning trails in the provinces. This occurred after our AGM, where members voted that the STA should lend its voice to support trail development. We wrote a letter to letter to the Minister Responsible for SGI to voice our support to create an effective […]

Running the Trails in Saskatchewan

By Nicole Williams Trail running is quickly gaining traction in the province as runners look to move off the road and into the great outdoors. This sport involves running on any off-road surface, such as coulees, fields, forests, hills or dirt paths. The benefits include less strain and stress on your body, particularly your lower […]

The “Canoe Trip” Run

Guest blog by Russell Hodgins What better way to fill in a couple of hours then to explore trails in a new place? Life found me in Moose Jaw on March 2nd with my running gear and time to spare so I parked on Valleyview Drive overlooking the Moose Jaw River valley. A short run down […]

Fat Biking trail takes off thanks to STA support

Photo courtesy of Frank Collins of Danger Dynamite Multimedia Earlier this year, the Fatlanders Fat Tire Brigade received a $1,000 Member Grant from the STA to support their Winter Fat Bike Groomed Trail Network called the St. Barbe Winter Trail Network. A fat bike is an off-road bicycle with oversized tires, typically 3.8 in (97 […]

STA releases 2019-2024 Strategic Plan

The STA’s 2019-2024 Strategic Plan will allow us to focus our efforts to fulfill our mission and achieve our vision. We have developed four strategic priorities: 1. Continue to be an effective and well-governed board. 2. To be a resource for accurate trail location and operational information accessible to the public and the membership. 3. […]

Travel back in time through these Sask historical tours

There are trail outings in Saskatchewan that allow residents to take a walk back in time. Numerous towns and villages have developed walking tours that highlight some of the historically significant features of their neighbourhood. On these walking tours, you’re likely to encounter historic churches, rustic barns or old railway lines that once played a […]

STA helps trail group improve snowmobile trails

Earlier this year, the Timber Trails Sno Riders Snowmobile Club was one of the groups to receive funding through the STA Member Grant program. The community service club is dedicated to maintaining and upgrading the snowmobile trail system in the Big River area. The STA gave Timber Trails $500 toward the upkeep of their trail in Big River. […]

Put your best foot forward on the trails

What’s the most important piece of hiking gear that you own? Is it your pack, your tent, or your trekking poles? Likely, it’s your footwear. As you travel through the wilderness, keeping your feet healthy, happy and supported is incredibly important. No one wants to suffer through an outdoor adventure with blisters, crushed toes, sore […]

Gear up for a great trail experience

Packing for the climate, weather conditions, and topography is essential. In this post, we’ll review some items that you won’t want to forget on your travels. It’s better to have them and not use them (in many cases) than to need them and not have them! One exception to this rule is the temptation to […]