A Saskatchewan Oasis: Fairy Hill Trail

If you are looking for a winter trail to experience over the holidays, Nature Conservatory Canada’s (NCC) “Fairy Hill” just 30 minutes North of Regina is the perfect city escape. Fairy Hill is a 90-minute hike that is a part of the Qu’Appelle valley.

The trail varies from flat areas to hills and includes wetlands, grasslands, and riparian slopes.  There is also many nature-spotting opportunities of birds, deer, and moose. There is one particular hill that overlooks the valley, and it is the perfect lookout spot to soak in the beautiful sights. There is signage along the way so you can stop and learn about the land and the history of the trail.

Make sure to keep an eye out for cattle that may be present on the property at various times throughout the year. If you see them give them their space and keep pets on a leash.


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