2021 Member Trail Grant Recipients

The STA is pleased to announce the recipients of our Member Trail Grant Program. We will be providing $500 grants to the Resort Village of Candle Lake, Town of Outlook, Town of St.Walburg and Resort Village of Manitou Beach.

The Candle Lake Trails Advisory Board (CLTAB) is comprised of volunteers appointed by the Resort Village of Candle Lake Council. CLTAB meets regularly, and works with Council to plan new routes and maintain existing trails in an effort to ensure the opportunity for residents and visitors to enjoy a safe and varied outdoor experience year-round.

New trail head signage and directional signage for new trails, as well as repair and maintenance of existing signage, is an ongoing priority. Their Deep Bay to Telwin Trail, West Side Trail and West End Trail are all in need of main head structure repairs. Their trail names and activity signs are also in need of repair.

The Town of Outlook is a walking community and over the years the beautiful trail along the river has been neglected. They have an amazing group of volunteers and recreational staff that feel passionate about maintaining their walking trails so it can continue to be used safely.

Due to a high concentration of Dutch Elm disease in their area, removal of overgrowth on the trails is needed as well as the removal of Dutch Elm branches. They are also in need of loose gravel along the trail, a bench and a new map of the trail.

The trail in St. Walburg is part of The Great Trail and they have done significant improvements with new drainages and substates. They are in need of a new rustic sign that will enhance the entrance to their wonderful trail. They are also in need of new signage and new solar lights.

Manitou Beach established their trail system 6 years ago and have, along with the Resort Village of Manitou Beach and volunteers, have maintained, improved and added to the trail system over those years. The current trail system consists of 3 trails, 5+km, 2km and 1km in length.

The trail head sign has faded and needs to be renewed due to a change of location along with changes and additions to their existing trails signage. Trail signs give the users their location as well as sights in the area.

Four years ago, a borrow pit was created at the east end of the Village because of a need for clay for a flood protection berm to protect the low-lying areas of the Village. The Recreation Board has expanded the trail system to incorporate the borrow pit and they created a pond as a feature of their trails system. Their plan is to complete filling the dugout and stock it with fish as well as develop the trail around it. For the last three years, they have utilized the pond in the winter as an outdoor skating pond as well as an outdoor Crock curl surface.

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