Trail Directory is Live!

The Saskatchewan Trails Association trail directory is now live! The Directory includes a comprehensive listing of the trails located throughout the province, including descriptions, statistics, maps, photos and user reviews.  Our trail directory is constantly changing and we are always adding more trails.  We are looking to incorporate trail users reviews and experiences into our descriptions so we encourage your feedback about your adventure.  Please share any stories, photos, or videos  from the trails to

What’s great about our trail network is its always expanding!  If we are missing any trails, or you would like to add your trail to our directory, please send us an email at

NEW: STA Trail Directory

For those looking to plan their next trail adventure in Saskatchewan, the ultimate resource tool is now just a click away. The Saskatchewan Trails Association (STA) has completed work on its new Trail Directory, which is housed on our website at

The Directory includes a comprehensive listing of the trails located throughout the province, including descriptions, statistics, maps, photos and user reviews.

“For years there has been a desire for an online resource that not only lists all of the trails in the province, but includes everything a potential visitor would need to know and truly captures the essence of each trail,” said STA President Saul Lipton. “Through the STA Trail Directory, we’d proud to provide people with the information they need to maximize their trip outdoors.”

The directory is divided into Sport, Culture & Recreation Districts: Southeast Connection Sport; Culture & Recreation District, Regina Sport District, South West District for Culture, Recreation and Sport, Parkland Valley Sport, Culture and Recreation District, Prairie Central District for Sport, Culture and Recreation, Saskatoon Sport District, Rivers West District for Sport, Culture and Recreation Lakeland District for Sport, Culture and Recreation.

The STA welcomes people to share their own experiences from any of the trails listed in the Directory. Those who would like to share their stories, photos or videos of the trail can contact the STA at

“The great thing about the STA Trail Directory is that it will constantly be evolving,” Lipton said. “As we incorporate more user feedback, we will be able to complete a truly comprehensive list of trails that will be an essential tool for any trail goer.

Become a STA Trail Ambassador


STA Trail Ambassador Program

 Saskatchewan Trails Association is searching for trail ambassadors!  We will be selecting one new trail ambassador every month during the summer to be a part of our program.  These ambassadors should be trail enthusiasts who would like to share their experiences with us on the trails.  The person who shares the most experiences in a month will be named a STA Trail Ambassador for that month. Those selected will receive a SaskTrails t-shirts and will be featured on our social media pages.

What We Request of Trail Ambassadors: 

  • You enjoy the Saskatchewan trail network either walking/biking/hiking/kayaking
  • You want to enrich others trail experiences and want to become part of a community
  • You should complete at least one trail a month
  • You are willing to write and take photos about your adventures

After an adventure as a Trail Ambassador we would like to hear about the trail; what you loved, great rest-stops, the beautiful sites, or anything challenging; blockage, lack of signage.  We will post your adventures as a trail ambassador on social media, and our blog. We are looking to create a community for trail users in Saskatchewan to share their experiences encouraging others to do the same.  Please send your photos and articles to



Narrow Hills Provincial Park

When I was researching my trip to Narrow Hills, I found a bit of information about trails and camping offered in the area, but nothing too extensive talking about activities or camping in the area.  The majority of the information I found was about fishing and mention of the Gem Lakes Trail.  I wasn’t too sure of what to expect when we pulled into the park.

We were planning for an un-serviced campsite, and we decided to stay at our first stop, Ispuchaw Lake.  We found a beautiful little spot overlooking the lake.  The site offers only five spots. Three of the spots are closer together, and the other two are more secluded.  This site would be perfect for the kayaking or canoeing enthusiast. The lake offers ample fishing and boating.IMG_3539
We had a later start on our first day in the park, so we decided to check out the other campsites surrounding our site.  There are some great un-serviced campsites at Beardy Lake as well! This site is great for trailers, and has a great boat launch.

The town office is located a short drive away from Ispuchaw Lake, at Lower Fishing Lake.  There are a few surrounding
communities around the park, just in case there is any forgotten gear.   As well, for those staying in the park Lower Fishing Lake main campsite does offer great shower facilities (we all know its important!) They also offer boat rentals near the main campsite, in case those beautiful lakes inspire the desire to be out on the water, which they probably will.

IMG_3473We decided to tackle Gem Lakes on our second day in the park.  This beautiful 6km trail travels around 7 lakes.  This stunning hike offers several back country campsites as well.  Each of the lakes has signage explaining the different plants and animals surrounding the area to watch out for.  The signs also explain the backstory of each of the lakes.   This trail has a lot of shaded and sunny areas.  I recommend dressing in layers for the temperature changes.  This is an absolutely must-do while in the park.  It’s an absolutely stunning trail, with beautiful views of the seven lakes.


The next day we decided to take a drive down The Narrow Hills Scenic Road. While we were at the town office, we were told there were several older, un-serviced trails along this road, as well as ski trails, and we planned to stop along the drive to check them out.  The drive was beautiful (Another must), the winding gravel road goes for about 10km. While on our drive we would explore the different lakes and look outs along the way.  My favourite stops were Mackie Lake, or Lily Pad Lake.  Mackie Lake offers a beautiful short sandy walk to the river bed, this would be a great place to stop a take a lunch.   Lily Pad Lake offers and phenomenal overview of the lake with a great view of the green lily pads surrounding the shore line.

IMG_3603 At the end of Narrow Hills Road, the road is no longer serviced and unsuitable for cars, we decided the jump out of the vehicle and explore the snowmobile trails down this road.  This is a beautiful easy hike, and a road that isn’t frequently travelled.  We walked for approximately 5km down the road before turning around to see what else we could find on out travels.

IMG_3680 As we drove back down the road we came across Old PA Trail, this trial is no
longer serviced and it makes for a more difficult hike as you will have to cross fallen trees and make your way through the under bush.  Off of this trail you can hike, Beaver Lake Trail, Heiberg Lake Trail, Island Lake Trail, or take the cross country ski path.  This trail was so much fun, we spent our afternoon exploring this area.  This trail truly give you the feeling of being out in the boreal forest.   The trail was filled with wild flowers, and we listened to birds sing while we walked. We often heard loon’s when we were approaching another lake.  This trail although not often travelled does have trail markers, and signage to update you on your location.  I would certainly call this trail a hidden gem. Its not advertised through the town office, but its one of the most beautiful trails I have ever travelled.

IMG_3480I highly recommend a trip to Narrow Hills Provincial Park, bring your hiking gear, bring your kayak or canoe, and get ready to experience the beauty that is northern Saskatchewan.  On this trip we saw an abundance of wildlife, we saw several bears, moose, deer, pelicans, loons, wild turkeys, and more bush bunnies than I could count!

New Saskatchewan Trails Association Gear

We have exciting news!  The Saskatchewan Trail Association would like to announce the release of their new gear!

Support the Saskatchewan Trails Association by purchasing a SaskTrails t-shirt.   All proceeds will be added to the Trail Grant Program to assist members with trail development.  The shirts come in women’s and men’s sizes small through extra-large.  Shirts are a marled grey with the STA logo and SaskTrails in distressed white lettering.

T-shirts are $35 and includes applicable taxes, shipping

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 8.42.28 AM


You can follow the link below to place your order

STA Gear Order Form

SATVA encouraging ATVers to Ride Safe. Ride Smart

When summer rolls around, there’s nothing quite like hopping on your ATV and embarking on an epic off-roading adventure. In Saskatchewan, there is no shortage of ATV trails to explore, from the Esterhazy Trials to Narrow Hills Provincial Park to Fort A La Corne area..

Amidst the excitement of once again facing the open road, ATV safety can sometimes get lost in the shuffle for some riders. During ATV Safety Week, the Saskatchewan All-Terrain Vehicle Association (SATVA) is unveiling a new safety campaign reminding ATVers to follow two important safety rules this season: Ride Safe. Ride Smart.

“When an ATVer rides safely and uses their head, they can ensure they get from Point A to Point B without any incidents,” says John Meed, General Manager of SATVA. “Off-roading is one of the greatest summer activities and adopting safe practices will maximize your experience.”

According to SATVA, one of the most important safety steps any ATVer can follow to Ride Smart is wearing a helmet. The group recommends selecting a helmet that fits comfortably and is designated for “off-road” or “motorcross” purposes.

SATVA also has some other important tips to Ride Smart. They include wearing the proper gear beyond helmets such as eye protection, gloves, ankle boots, long pants and a long-sleeved shirt. SATVA is also reminding people that riders ages 12 to 15, or people who don’t have a driver’s license, must take an approved safety course or be supervised by someone who’s had a driver’s license for a years. However, the group feels all riders can benefit from the training. SATVA’s final tip to smart riding involves designating an emergency contact and packing a cell phone or walkie talkie.

“Before even hitting the ATV trail, you must ensure you have the knowledge and make the proper preparations,” Meed said.

To Ride Safe, SATVA notes that drivers shouldn’t attempt tricky manoeuvers, follow the speed limit and avoid roads and streets when driving, except to cross the road or go around obstacles. Unless your ATV is designed for more than one passenger, SATVA says you shouldn’t double up because adding a passenger to a quad designed for one rider can change the dynamics of the machine, especially when climbing or descending hills or when maneuvering around obstacles. The end result can be a roll over.

One of the points SATVA can’t stress enough about safe riding is to not drink and ride. It noted that drinking reduces a rider’s reaction time and impairs their judgement – not to mention the fact operating an ATV on public or private property while impaired is illegal.

“When it comes down to it, riding safely is all about remaining in control at all times,” Meed said. “By paying close attention to the elements, fellow drivers and pedestrians, you can truly focus on enjoying your off-roading outing.”

Give us Your Best Shot

Give us Your Best Shot

The Saskatchewan Trails Association will be running a month-long “Give Us Your Best Shot” photo contest in June.  The photo contest begins on June 3 — Saskatchewan Trails Day – and concludes on June 30.  Prizes will be presented to the top photos. To enter our contest, post a picture of your favourite trail in Saskatchewan on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, using #SaskTrailsPhotoContest.


Entry Procedure:

The contest is available for all residents of Saskatchewan.  STA board and staff may submit their pictures, but are not eligible to win the contest. While photos may be submitted multiple times using Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or email, there is only one entry per unique photo.  You may enter as many unique photos as you wish to the contest.


To enter the STA Give Us Your Best Shot contest, you must submit your photos by posting on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #SaskTrailsPhotoContest. We must be able to see your picture in order to be entered in the contest, so be sure to check your privacy settings.  Posts must be made public to be counted as an entry.  You may also submit them via email to



The winner will be chosen at the end of the month, and announced on our pages, the winner will also be contacted through social media to arrange to claim their prize. Pictures will only be accepted into the contest until June 30th, so be sure to get your pictures in before then.   The top photo winner will receive a prize package including a Best Shot certificate, STA t-shirt, Elbow Trail hoodie, Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation water bottle, and other great items. We will also be presenting two honourary mentions with other great prizes. As pictures come in they may be featured on our page, with credit to the photographer.  The best of luck to all that enter, we can’t wait to see your adventures!


Rules for Submission:

If you do not want to grant Saskatchewan Trails Association (STA) these permissions, please do not submit your photo. In order for STA to use your photo, you confirm that (a) your photo is your own original work; (b) you own all the rights in the photo, including copyright; (c) you have the right to give STA the permission to use your photo for the purposes specified in these rules; (d) the photo is not defamatory and does not infringe any Canadian laws or violate the rights of any third party; (e) you have the consent of anyone who is identifiable in your photo or the consent of their parent/ guardian if they are minors; (f) you waive any moral rights that you may have in the photo; (g) you indemnify STA against any claim, demand, action, suit, or other proceedings against STA arising out of the use of the photo or any false or inaccurate statements.

By entering, contestants agree to abide by the contest rules which shall be applied by Saskatchewan Trails Association

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