The lost trail near Fairy Hill

A guest blog post from trail enthusiast Russ Hodgins.

Last summer, I ran from our place along the back trails and ended up at the Fairy Hill Natural Area. I had heard on the radio that there is a trail there but I never did find it. My guess is that I would have had to take the dirt road at the bottom of the valley east to access it, but as I still had a long run to get back home on a hot day, I  stopped short of going that far.

This is on the south east side at the top of the valley.


I followed this old road for a bit and then cut into the pasture:


I tried following the fence line but no trails anywhere near there:


I ended up circling back towards highway #6 and found what I assume
was the old highway:


This took me almost to the bottom and then I gave up and ran back  home. As I said, it was hot and I was short on water. I ran back up the highway and there was a Fairy Hill sign on the west side as well  but no trail there.


Do you know where the trail is? Email us at

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